Spring is here once again!!

Like most people I also love Spring,
Why, because it is “the time” to renovate, to do a Spring cleaning, to detox, to re-balance our energy, and get ready to the Summer!!!

“Sometimes we may feel as if our health worsens in the Spring which means that we are experiencing an imbalance in the liver.”

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the season associated with the liver, which is the organ in charge of maintaining the smooth movement of energy. People who feel as their health worsens in the Spring are often those with a tendency to experience imbalance in the liver. Since the liver is also associated with stress, tension, and emotional expression, most of us cannot help but experience some imbalance in this organ, especially under the pressure to keep up with “modern” life demands.

Liver qi (energy) has a tendency to become constrained, and if it stays “blocked” for long enough, it will create heat.  This can quickly further disrupt emotional balance, and manifest as anger outbursts and an unshakeable sense of frustration.  Energetically, people report feeling stagnant or stuck.  They experience tight shoulders and lack of flexibility in their neck.  Pressure behind the eyes can build up, and some experience incapacitating migraines and find themselves craving strong (but damaging) qi-movers, like coffee and alcohol to help move their stagnant qi.


  • A diet that supports the wood element, whether excess, or deficient, should above all else, be CLEAN. Eliminating excess fats, alcohol, caffeine, processed, and refined foods are a good start.
  • Eating less is also one way to help the liver detoxify itself.
  • Eat plenty nourishing foods and lots of green vegetables.
  • Start a new exercise class
  • Have a special detox Acupuncture treatment.
  • I want as many people as possible to benefit from these special Acupuncture Detox treatment so I am offering you a special treat: ONLY  55€  for this treatment until the end of April.