Last Friday we did the first part of a series of presentations that the Barcelona Well Woman
team is planning to do to share with our public our experiences and knowledge on different areas of health.


From right to left  LOTTA, UBY, DORTE y LUIS.

This time  was about ” How to Improve the Inmune System” for Winter time.
We want to reach everybody, the local and the international community,
so this time it was in Spanish as our team is international, the future talks
will be either in English or in Spanish.

Dorte Froreich  gave us an excellent inside of how to choose and nourish our system
with real food and also gave as some tips of how to use simple and effective homemade remedies that can alleviate colds, flue, cough, allergies and so on.

Luis Ros
 demonstrated us with real life examples of how the emotions affect our health,
how the different organs are affected from the different emotions like how anger affects the liver, and
so on,  and that reminded me of how the sages of old China came to the same conclusions.
It is really fascinating and it makes so much sense to me.

Lotta Nygren-Bonnie Right from the start she gave us amazing tips  of how to protect our skin  all year round
 taking in consideration the time of the year we are now so she put a lot of emphasis on the the winter season

and the effects that season can bring upon us all such as central heating the cols wind, etc.
and also the importance of exfoliating our skin regularly so to get rid of the old one.

As for meUby Muñoz I showed the more important acupuncture points that oneself can use with pressure and massage to alleviate and prevent problems with sinuses, headaches, cough, etc. and I also share a simple Qi Gong technique to de-stress before applying pressure on the acupuncture points to have a more effective result because when the body is relaxed the energy can flow more easily.

I hope you will be with us for the next free workshops that we plan to provide regularly in the near future.

Uby Muñoz 
Calle Casp 80, 1-1-3  (Corner with Bailen 27)
Tel.:  622 720 499